Posted 2 years ago

Thank Dre

New beat out today — Thank Dre. Check it out on SoundClick or SoundCloud.

Posted 2 years ago

Under Ground Kings, off the album Take Care by Canadian-but-recently-by-way-of-LA rapper Drake. In my opinion, this is one of the best cuts off the album (also check out Lord Knows — Just Blaze kills it there).

The song works because it captures Drake’s signature sonic elements — darker, muted tones and atmosphere — in a way that’s not too downbeat or mopey.

It does this by working with contrasts — mainly, by contrasting the muted, distant guitar and synth part (as heard both in the intro and behind the verse) with a much more distinct, upfront drum pattern and vocal recording. So you get the best of both world — a brooding inwardness combined with a sense of urgency and immediacy.

The tempo is perfect — not too slow, not too fast, and the hook in the chorus gives the song a real distinct, memorable identity. His vocal delivery is on-point as well, a sing-song braggadocio that rivals Jay-Z ability to do the same (sorry, Jay-Z’s still the boss, though).